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Circle City Classic Parade 2023

This year's theme: Sigma Gamma Rho Academy

Date of Classic Parade: Saturday Sept 23, 2023 10 AM

1. Who is allowed to walk in the parade? Those that responded 'yes' on the form that was previously sent out and those who have purchased the entire CCC approved uniform. The leadership of both the Rhoers and the Philos can also walk! 

2. Who is allowed to ride? Reserved for seasoned Sorors that don't want to walk but you are required to be in full uniform.

3. What is the complete look? See below.

4. Where do I buy the tie?  Most should select the 17 inch tie unless you are taller and prefer more length:

5. What do I wear on my feet? A mustard (not YELLOW) flat shoe. If you already have something in your closet, please feel free to wear it. 

6. How do I return/exchange my uniform? 

Thank you for your responses! If we did not send a personal text to you, there is no one for you to trade with. If any exchanges need to be made they can be done so through the returns portal

Any purchases for the extra inventory can be shipped out within 2 business days of the order but go ahead and handle this asap!

7. What time do we arrive and where? (the day of the parade) We have not received anymore communication from IBE yet. As soon as we receive it, we will update this page.

8. I need a seamstress for alterations. Who do you suggest? Sorors have suggested Asia Doll in Washington Square Mall, Alex's Tailor Shop 5858 E 82nd St next to Castleton Mall.

9. Will breakfast be served prior to the parade? A hot and hearty breakfast will be served prior for those that rsvp'd 'yes' on the form!


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